Islam Unknown

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Fons Elders, philosopher, historian and emeritus professor in Theory of World Views meets eight Muslim scholars and intellectuals from Pakistan, Iran, Egypt, Morocco, Sudan and Turkey. They teach and live in the USA, Europe and Egypt. He asked them to …

Islam Unknown (DVD)

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Islam Unknown is a collection of eight conversations with unconventional Muslim intellectuals. In each episode, eclectic Dutch philosopher Fons Elders engages the thinkers in probing discussion on topics including gender, economics, sharia, secularism, …

Islam Unknown Excerpt

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View this document on Scribd Excerpt from Islam Unknown Interviews by Fons Elders with Asma Barlas – Nasr Abu Zayd – Abdullahi Ahmed An-na’im – Amna Nusayr – Reza Aslan – Anouar Majid – Omer Ozsoy – Mehmet Asutay – Noam Chomsky A review on Islam Unknow …

De Onbekende Islam Excerpt

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View this document on Scribd Excerpt uit de Onbekende Islam Dutch translation of Islam Unknown with preface by Mauritius Wijffels. ISBN/EAN: 978-9-805600-4-8 Based on the Islam Unknown television series, see 2010 in this library. Author(s): Fons Elders …

De verzoening van Prometheus en Hermes

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The reconciliation of Prometheus and Hermes The Millennium Night. VPRO-Television. In collaboration with Tara Elders as Hermes / Pagageno. Further contributions by Wim de Bie, Lia Dorana, Rudi Fuchs, Ronald Plasterk, Klaas Vos. Nederlands Audiovisueel …


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