A brief introduction

The various projects derive their inspiration from a lifelong endeavour to discover new realities and to realize the views that follow from there.

‘Know thyself’ of Socrates or the gnosis of the Stoics is just that.

Life is one; mind and body are one, but our theories and practices aren’t.

If you ask ‘why’, I answer: the limitlessness of our creative imagination.

Heraclitus says in fragment 45: “You will not find the limits of the psyche on your journey, even if you would go the whole way – so deep is its logos,” and I.P. Culianu in Out of This World: “There is no limit to the imagining of an increasingly larger space in the mind.”

That’s the greatness of human existence and also the source of its miseries.

There is no evil outside the human domain; only in the practices of humans. The same for nature. Nature doesn’t know problems; only humans do.

Creative imagination is a double-edged sword.


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