Analyze Decondition

Analyze Decondition: an introduction to systematic philosophy by Fons Elders. Translated by Hugo le Comte Translated from Analyseer Deconditioneer – Een inleiding tot de systematische [...]

Visions of Nature

Visions of Nature: Studies on the Theory of Gaia and Culture in Ancient and Modern Times. Fons Elders, editor. VUB Brussels University Press, 2004, 254 pp. ISBN 90 5487 3582 Please, see table of [...]

Nature and City

Nature and City: Paradox or Contradiction by Fons Elders in Reader Conference Biotope City Reader Conference, Biotope City, 12 november 2002, Technical University Eindhoven, Faculty of Building, [...]

zin nen

Een boekje bij Fons Elders’ afscheid van de Universiteit voor Humanistiek op 26 oktober 2001. Statements by Fons Elders et al in a special edition as a gift of his former [...]


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