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Visions of Nature: Studies on the Theory of Gaia and Culture in Ancient and Modern Times. Fons Elders, editor.

VUB Brussels University Press, 2004, 254 pp. ISBN 90 5487 3582

Please, see table of content for the index of subjects and index of names.
Author(s): Fons Elders (ed.) Preface, introductions and postscript by Fons Elders, foreword by David Rothenberg. Contributions by Peter Westbroek, Tatjana Kochetkova, Warwick Fox, Koo van der Wal, Hubert Dethier, F. David Peat, Karin Verelst, Karel van der Leeuw, Ulricht Libbrecht, Pasquale Simonelli, Grazia Marchian`o, Mogobe Ramose, Paul de Leeuw, DuoDuo, Fons Elders, Gert Jan de Bruyn, Jacqueline Cramer, Chris Dutilh, Allerd Stikker and Agni Vlavianos-Arvanitis


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