Europe & Maghreb

We decided to cross Morocco’s border at Oudja. Asking the truck driver what time we would arrive in Oudja, he answered: With Allah’s will, at three P.M. Riding in the desert along the edge of an abyss, the truck lost its right back-wheel. The driver managed to keep his car on the road, got out and said quietly: Allah hasn’t wanted it. I was amazed. I couldn’t imagine any European truck driver reacting in such a stoic mood confronted with such an incident.


A journey to the Dogon in Mali

We began talking about a journey to the Dogon before our great odyssey in 1973. A friend of ours travelled regularly through the Sahara to Mali to visit the Dogon. His passion for their culture, masks and sculptures included, was so great that he worked for six months as an architect to be able to travel the other six months. His stories about the Sahara had stirred our imagination. One of his lessons was: in case of trouble never leave your vehicle.


Egypt 2010

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