Humanism toward the third millennium I

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Brussels, VUBPress, 1993. 103 pp. ISBN: 90 5487 037 0 Author(s): Elders, Fons (ed.). Preface and introduction by Fons elders with contributions by Mohammed Arkoun, DuoDuo, Fons Elders, Franco Ferrucci, Grazia Marchianò, Andrei Plesu, Mogobe Ramose, Rob …

I am a European citizen

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Letter to European citizens with addendum about humanism by Andrei Plesu Author(s): View PDF

Humanism Toward the Third Millennium

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View this document on Scribd The first FORUM 2001 symposium Humanism Toward the Third Millennium took place in 1992, in the ancient city of Tempio Pausania on the island of Sardinia, thanks to the hospitality of the municipality there. This publication …

It is life itself that is surprised: lecture on the opening of Plein Air

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in: Lier en Boog : tijdschrift voor esthetica en cultuurfilosofie 9 (1993) afl. mei, pp. 7-12. Barnett Newman Special. Author(s): View PDF


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