Humanism toward the third millennium I

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Brussels, VUBPress, 1993. 103 pp. ISBN: 90 5487 037 0 Author(s): Elders, Fons (ed.). Preface and introduction by Fons elders with contributions by Mohammed Arkoun, DuoDuo, Fons Elders, Franco Ferrucci, Grazia Marchianò, Andrei Plesu, Mogobe Ramose, Rob …

Philosophers in Debate

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Philosophers in Debate comprises the entire text of the TV-project PHILOSOPHERS with debates between Noam Chomsky and Michel Foucault, Alfred Ayer and Arne Naess, Leszek Kolakowski and Henri Lefèbvre, Karl Popper and John Eccles, with Fons Elders as mo …

Philosophers: Debates and Dialogues (DVD)

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In 1971, a Dutch initiative called the International Philosophers Project brought together the leading thinkers of the day for a series of one-on-one debates. The participants included intellectual superstars Alfred Ayer and Arne Naess, Karl Popper and …

Philosophers in Debate Excerpt

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View this document on Scribd Excerpt from Philosophers in Debate. Moderator and commentator Fons Elders. Noam Chomsky and Michel FoucaultSir Alfred Ayer and Arne NaessLeszek Kolakowski and Henri LefèbvreSir Karl Popper and Sir John EcclesAuthor(s): Mod …

Analyze Decondition

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View this document on Scribd Analyze Decondition: an introduction to systematic philosophy by Fons Elders. Translated by Hugo le Comte Translated from Analyseer Deconditioneer – Een inleiding tot de systematische filosofie, Van Gennep/Teleac tv, …

Letter to Adam K, re: Dreams, zero and zen

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Author(s): View PDF

Dialogue and Meaning

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View this document on Scribd Fons Elders on Dialogue and Meaning in Dialogue and Universalism (1996) In: Dialogue and Universalism 6 (1996) afl. 5-6, pp. 27-40. ISSN: 1234 5792. Also published as paper in ‘Proceedings of the fifth conference of the Int …

Sir Karl Popper, Socrates of the 20th century

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in: Filosofie magazine 3 (1994) afl. 8 (nov.), pp. 32-33. ISSN: 0928 1789 Author(s): View PDF

Humanism Toward the Third Millennium

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View this document on Scribd The first FORUM 2001 symposium Humanism Toward the Third Millennium took place in 1992, in the ancient city of Tempio Pausania on the island of Sardinia, thanks to the hospitality of the municipality there. This publication …

IHEU: Debate on Humanism, Spirituality and Esotericism

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European Humanist Congress, Berlin, July 29, 1993. Author(s): View PDF

The Rushdie Symposium

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Paradiso, Amsterdam 1990 Author(s): View PDF

Filosofia y Los Problemas Actuales

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View this document on Scribd Spanish translation of “Reflexive Water. The Basic Concerns of Mankind” by Fons Elders et al. Madrid, Fundamentos, 1981. 320 pp. Reeks: Coleccion Ciencia: Serie Filosofoa ; 119. ISBN: 0 285 64749 0 (pbk). Original title: ‘R …

Reflexive water. The basic concerns of mankind; [debates between] A.J. Ayer and Arne Naess; Sir Karl Popper and Sir John Eccles; Noam Chomski and Michel Foucault; Leszek Kolakowski and Henri Lefebvre

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London, Souvenir Press, 1974. 307 pp. ISBN: 0 285 64742 3, 0 285 64749 0 (pbk). ‘Preface’ (pp.7-10) and ‘Postscript’ (pp. 268-307) by Fons EldersSee Philosophers in Debate 2013 and the video PHILOSOPHERS 2013 Author(s): View PDF

Internationaal Filosofenprojekt: Sir Karl Popper

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View this document on Scribd Internationaal Filosofenprojekt: Sir Karl Popper Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht, Bureau Vormingswerk; Internationale School voor Wijsbegeerte te Leusden, 1972. 29 p. Reeks: Internationaal Filosofen Projekt van de Universiteiten …

Analyseer Deconditioneer

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View this document on Scribd Analyseer Deconditioneer: een inleiding tot de systematische filosofie. Amsterdam, Van Gennep/Teleac tv, 1972. 161 pp. ISBN: 90 6012 165 1. See also translation by Hugo le Comte: Analyze Decondition – An introduction …

Interview with Fons Elders about the Philosophers project

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in: de Volkskrant, February 9, 1971. See also Philosophers in debate (2012). Author(s): View PDF

Popper and the freedom of science

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in: De Groene Amsterdammer, September 16, 1967Oorspronkelijke titel: Popper in de vrijheid…moet zijn: Popper en… Author(s): View PDF


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