The hidden qualities of an African World view: an essay about the Dogon

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in: Rekenschap: tijdschrift voor wetenschap en cultuur 41 (1994) afl. 2, pp. 97-105. ISSN: 0034 3749 Author(s): View PDF

It is life itself that is surprised: lecture on the opening of Plein Air

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in: Lier en Boog : tijdschrift voor esthetica en cultuurfilosofie 9 (1993) afl. mei, pp. 7-12. Barnett Newman Special. Author(s): View PDF

IHEU: Debate on Humanism, Spirituality and Esotericism

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European Humanist Congress, Berlin, July 29, 1993. Author(s): View PDF

Philosophers on television: Begin of real collaboration between science and television?

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in: NRC Handelsblad, February 13, 1971. Author(s): View PDF


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