Humanism toward the third millennium II

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Brussels, VUBPress, 1996. 167 pp. ISBN: 90 5487 100 8 (pbk) Author(s): Preface by Fons Elders and contributions by Gerhard Binkhorst, Paul Briot, Hubert Dethier, DuoDuo, Fons Elders, Miriam Eliav-Feldon, Nenad Fiser, Paul Kurtz, Grazia Marchian`o, Arne …

Humanism, Death and Transcendence – Dying as the experience of a transcendent reality

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This article is a slightly modified version of: The latter day. Thinking about the end in philosophy and psychiatry, Publisher Meinema, Zoetermeer. Wijbe van Dijk, Ed. (1999) Author(s): View PDF

The seven keys of any world view

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in: World views and the problem of synthesis. Aerts, D., Belle, H. v. en Veken, J. v. d. (eds.). Dordrecht, Brussels, Kluwer Academic Publishers, VUBPress, 1999. pp. 127-143. Reeks: Einstein meets Magritte : an interdisciplinary reflection on science, …

Arne Naess, a philosopher and a mystic: a commentary on the dialogue between Alfred Ayer and Arne Naess

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in: Philosophical dialogues : Arne Naess and the progress of ecophilosophy. Witoszek, N. en Brennan, A. (eds.). Lanham, Rowman and Littlefield, 1999. pp. 45-49. ISBN: 0 8476 8929 8 Author(s): View PDF

Lecture for Foundation Society and Enterprise – Cultural Revolution

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Lecture at the City Hall, The Hague, May 27, 1998 Author(s): View PDF

Humanism Toward the Third Millennium II

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View this document on Scribd This publication is the result of the second symposium organized by the FORUM 2001 Foundation in the spring of 1994 in Tempio Pausania, Sardinia. Brussels, VUBPress, 1996. 167 pp. ISBN: 90 5487 100 8 (pbk)Author(s): Preface …

On Intuition, Truth and Lie

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Author(s): View PDF

IHEU: Debate on Humanism, Spirituality and Esotericism

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European Humanist Congress, Berlin, July 29, 1993. Author(s): View PDF

The Rushdie Symposium

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Paradiso, Amsterdam 1990 Author(s): View PDF


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