Visions of Nature


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Visions of Nature comprises ancient and modern, sacred and profane visions on nature and their intimate relationship with the culture in which they flourished or still flourish. An array of perspectives lets the reader travel through new and ancient territories, which distinguish themselves deeply from the utilitarian and aesthetic landscapes we call ‘nature’ in today’s Westernised, cosmopolitan and urbanised world view.

The subtitle Studies of the Theory of Gaia and Culture in Ancient and Modern Times refers to a presentation of views with Gaia as the symbol for a renewed interest in the interdependence of the biological and geological dynamics. The Gaia theory studies the laws of nature as global, interconnected processes. The complexity and the interdependence of natural processes are an invitation to view human life as part of nature, and not as a quasi independent reality. Whatever vision the reader may hold, it might be clear that nature as an unadulterated idea does not exist.