Philosophers in Debate

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Philosophers in Debate comprises the entire text of the TV-project PHILOSOPHERS with debates between Noam Chomsky and Michel Foucault, Alfred Ayer and Arne Naess, Leszek Kolakowski and Henri Lefèbvre, Karl Popper and John Eccles, with Fons Elders as moderator and commentator.
The appearance of the philosophers on Dutch TV in 1971 was an astonishing event.

Philosophers in Debate is irresistible due to the liveliness of the discussions. Each philosopher applies his own arguments which seem to be valid until the opponent starts to argue. The art of dialogue stimulates to make doubtful what seems evident, and to make evident what seems doubtful [Leszek Kolakowski].

Philosophers in Debate seduces readers and spectators alike to reflect on their natural beliefs; to wonder about the essence of human nature, and to realize that dialogues are not only the fruit of values such as freedom of speech but of mutual respect, equality, and above all that no human being knows it all.