Islam Unknown

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Fons Elders, philosopher, historian and emeritus professor in Theory of World Views meets eight Muslim scholars and intellectuals from Pakistan, Iran, Egypt, Morocco, Sudan and Turkey. They teach and live in the USA, Europe and Egypt. He asked them to explain their Islam, their Qur’an, the relation between tradition, modernity and the West, their vision on shari’a and fatwas, the war on terror and the Middle East, their criticisms on Islam and Europe’s islamophobia, the connection between justice, equality and freedom, and how to bridge the gap between Europe and Islam.
He meets Noam Chomsky again after 35 years. His vision on the world is the Postscript to Islam Unknown.
Fons Elders discovers an Unknown Islam.

A review on Islam Unknown by Barbara J. Walter, Longmont Public Library, Longmont, CO can be found here.